Kayla Wiederman
Q Home Sales

Policies and Procedures


Tenants: All prospective tenants shall provide a legal form of Identification along with a rental application. In the event the Landlord requires it, tenants shall also provide proof of income and a copy of a recent credit score report.

Buyers: It is recommended that prior to viewing homes a prospective buyer should obtain a preapproval from a reputable lender or mortgage broker, or provide proof of funds if paying cash.

Sellers: An agent shall verify that the seller is the legal owner matching the owner on the tax record. If a sale is being made by the seller through an agent via Power of Attorney, it is recommended that the Q Home Sales representative obtains a copy of the Power of Attorney. If a sale is being made by the Executor or Administrator of an estate, it is recommended that the sales representative obtains copies of Letters Testamentary or Letters of Administration, or obtains proof that an application to the Surrogate's Court by a nominated Executor or Administrator is pending.